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Vera Varley


Vera Varley is an award-winning wedding photographer passionate aboutart, different cultures and inspired by people. Vera's approach to wedding and event photography is a blend of a photojournalism, fashion and fine art.  She tries to meet the needs of every client as precisely as she can.

Vera fell in love with photography at the age of twelve, when her older brother showed her how to develop black and white film. It felt like she was a part of a secret, magical universe.  But it was not until much later inlife, after lots of experimenting, photography classes and practice, that Vera decided to pursue photography as her full-time career. Like any art project, an event photography requires planning and preparation, but the main ingredient is the couple that takes the center stage and fills the frame with their strong presence.

The most unique situations on a wedding day happen at the most unexpected moments. As your photographer, Vera is ready throughout the day to capture special moments, reactions, emotions while maintaining a subtlety. Often, it's easy to forget that Vera is even there. A smile, a glance, a quick kiss, a shared little sigh are priceless moments that will be cherished for years to come, and Vera is a photographer who can freeze this special moment forever. 

In her work Vera likes to incorporate storytelling, graphical elements and play of light and shadow. She draws her creative energy from art books, design magazines, paintings, theatre, films with happy endings and just everyday life.

Vera's goal is to make every photograph look like a piece of fine art. Everything is important in an image, from a composition and color to expressions on people’s faces. Her work is to create a visual narrative of a special day, to capture real emotions and natural expressions that cannotbe staged. Vera's photos bring back the energy, tears and joy of every special moment of a big day.

Fluent in English, French and Russian, Vera is an international photographer with a dream to share her creative adventures with like-minded passionate individuals.