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Orange Films Creative is a collaboration of like-minded, international award-winning photographers and Orange Films filmmakers with a purpose to strike a unique balance between the creative talent and the price without compromising the artistic quality of work. Orange Films Creative delivers the best value in visual artistry for your special celebration.

Quite often couples looking for creative professionals to capture their event are facing a difficult question of what is more important – film or photography. Many, due to budget limitations, have to compromise,choosing a top-level photographer and a mediocre videographer, or vice versa. Another option is a studio that does both and fits into their budget but delivers the average work at best.  

To avoid this dilemma, Orange Films collaborates with a number of very talented, international award-winning photographers to tell the story of your special day at the best value. This unique group of creative professionals comes with years of experience capturing weddings and special events around the globe. Their unique style and vision build on their backgrounds in art, journalism, design and fashion are what earned them numerous accolades and recognition among their peers and clients. They are the true masters of their craft. While maintaining their own studios, they come together with Orange Films for a limited number of events to offer the best value in the event photography and cinematography, delivering the finest storytelling experience.